Friday, April 9, 2010

Easter Pictures and testing out Livewriter

Here are a couple pictures from Easter Sunday 2010. I was thinking about next year offering to take portraits for families at church…? Just a thought.
My sweet Mollie
IMG_3814 Self portrait of sorts.  IMG_3828My sweet Melonie :)IMG_3845Miss Hannah. I have a really hard time taking pictures of people with glasses on. What is the best way to do this?IMG_3848 “Hey Mom take out picture by this weird cat”! So that is what I did, it’s overexposed and no one is in focus. But here you go, a picture of you guys in front a weird cat. By the way, who puts this kind of thing in their window display anyway?IMG_3859 Fred’s brother Tony and his little girl Hannah. I guess I’m going to have to do a full shoot for them..hint, hint. Because she did not want to cooperate and pose with daddy.
IMG_3869 Fred’s mom and dad.IMG_3876
I realized when I was working on this post that I did not have one of Fred. Shield your eyes, because this one is way overexposed! But for some reason I really like it :) This is the only one I got of him that day…haha! I know, I’m really a lame photog sometimes!IMG_3820

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  1. That's great! We had my fam and Pam's bunch here for easter....but with no photographer we have no pics to prove it!=p The pic of Fred is pretty cool!