Saturday, April 10, 2010


Why can't I get my text and pictures straight?? This whole blogging thing is really a pain in the kiester sometimes! Are they all this bad or is it just blogger?

OK rant over.

We got up early this morning and hit up the city wide sale in Neosho. We were looking for some furniture for Fred's office and I need something to put my craft supplies in. I really want an old buffet or something like that. Anyway, no luck on the furniture. Melonie did find a bunch of earrings. Her ears are not pierced....she uses them on her bulletin board for "pretties" :) We also got her 3 Barbie dvds (she loves those movies??) for $4.00. And I got a pyrex baking dish for $3.00! The girls got a couple books also. So no major scores but we still had a good time.

While we were driving around Melonie started to act really tired and she said that she wanted to go home. She said that her stomach and head hurt...ugh! So we came home and she got jammies on and watched one of her new movies. While she ate tomato soup and had Sprite. She seems to feel better...fingers crossed. Mollie has been snotty for several days now and I really don't want Melonie to get sick too!

I'm off to watch a movie and try to relax.

Here is a pic I took the other day while I was trying to learn manual exposure.

*Edit - this photo is straight out of the camera (no edits)...:)

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